Access 2010 - Advanced

Course Overview

This course builds on the Introduction and Intermediate courses to show techniques to bring all of the different Access objects together to make a cohesive application. It does this by showing the viewer how and why Microsoft Access utilizes the Properties and Events of the different objects. Finally, the course shows the viewer how to create macros using the new Macro editor and how to select the proper Control and Event for the best possible outcome.

Course Objectives

Designing the Application, Table Data Macros, Creating Advanced Queries, Advanced Form Design, Macros, System Wrap-Up

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Designing the Application

  • Reviewing Access Development Phases
  • Defining Database Architecture
  • Using an Entire Database on a Server
  • Splitting the Database
  • Creating a Database Project: SQL Server
  • Integrating with SharePoint

3 - Table Data Macros

  • Different Data Macro Types
  • Event-Driven Data Macro
  • The Application Log

4 - Creating Advanced Queries

  • Using Left and Right Joins
  • Creating a Crosstab Query
  • Using Access Function Within a Query

5 - Advanced Form Design

  • Creating an Autofill Form
  • Forms and Subforms
  • Advanced Calculated Controls
  • Using the Tab Control
  • Option Group Control

6 - Macros

  • Different Macro Types
  • Reviewing the Object Events
  • Creating Macros

7 - System Wrap-Up

  • AutoStart Options
  • Documenting a Database
  • Encrypting and Decrypting a Database
  • Converting to an .accde File
  • Packaging the Database

8 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

3 Hours, 55 Minutes

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