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Agile/Scrum Soft Skills that Drive Process Success

Register Now By their nature, Agile/Scrum driven projects require a high level of interpersonal communication, teamwork, problem solving, decision making and other related business and soft skills. Additionally, those in the key ...Read More


Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2016

Register Now One way to give your documents a more polished look is to use styles for text in your document. Word includes built-in styles, and you can create your own. In ...Read More


Increase Collaboration with the Social Tools in Office 365

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Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Azure & the Cloud

Cloud has been one of the biggest trends for 2016 and continues its reign into 2017. The benefits have been stated over and over again but what are some of the new factors that will really push businesses to make the switch? Here are some of the most common questions that many IT people are asking.

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Certifications that can Help Protect Your Business

The threat of hacking is at an all-time high and many companies are defenseless against attack. Some may think they are protected but can still be very susceptible to unwanted access by hackers. The threat of hacking is so great because of a hacker’s ability to customize the attacks based on the particular software, firewalls, etc. that they are going against.

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