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What is VMware Horizon and What Can You Learn from Horizon Install, Configure, Manage?

Register Now This 30 minute session will cover the benefits and features of virtualization organization desktops by using VMware Horizon. This session will also cover the benefits and advantages of taking the ...Read More


Business Etiquette

Register Now While the right set of skills are required to land a job, additional skills and concepts are needed to keep a job and grow within a company. This workshop helps ...Read More


Microsoft Excel 2016: Creating PivotTables

Register Now Excel is a powerful application for analyzing data. PivotTables provide powerful ways to interact with data through easy-to-read formats and the ability to summarize large amounts of data quickly. To ...Read More

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Why Choose Agile over Traditional Waterfall?

Project management is a task that every industry can utilize. In order for projects to get done on time and efficiently, a proper set of tasks needs to be in place to make sure the team stays on target. To complete the goal, teams can utilize the traditional waterfall approach or the lesser known Agile approach. But what is Agile's connection to project management, and how does it stand up and innovate the traditional processes?

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12 Great Resources for Power BI Development

It is amazing how much Microsoft has invested in the Power BI ecosystem; many other developers have responded by investing much in the development of Power BI solutions. Listed here are resources that (especially new) Power BI developers may find very useful. Many of them are great to help you get started with Power BI, and some are others can help further your education and understanding of it.

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