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How to Run an Effective and Innovative Meeting

Register Now Your ability to run efficient and effective meetings is an illustration of your leadership ability, as well as an opportunity to dramatically move your business and professional goals forward. Join ...Read More


Leadership & Development: Contemporary Leadership in a Complex World

Register Now Leading others requires building credibility, communicating effectively, developing trust, making decisions, and demonstrating confidence. This course will help you to cultivate the leadership skills that you need to influence others ...Read More


VMworld and Beyond - Your Next Steps

Register Now Coming on the heels of VMworld, join us for a recap of what's new with VMware. Hear what was discussed in various sessions, learn about innovative ideas introduced during showcase ...Read More

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Mismanaged Meetings or Conference Calls Disrupt Productivity

Sometimes conference calls are vital and often truly productive; however, poorly managed or unnecessary meetings can absolutely disrupt the natural rhythm of a workday and could lead to hours of productivity loss. Of course, every business is different. Some organizers run amazing and productive meetings. Notes are taken. Questions are addressed. Everyone's engaged. Action items are distributed. Overall, the meeting offered clarity and resolve. However, for the great majority, that's not the case.

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Ten Minutes on Business Analysis

Business Analysis is not something that comes to mind in a day to day running of tasks. But it can be a huge asset to your business. There are two factors that keep many companies from adding this role to their teams though. First, many people don’t understand the full extent of what a business analyst (BA) does and how it differs from what a project manager handles. The second point of confusion is how to start your path towards BA certification, where to go and what next step to take after completion.

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