Access 2007 - Advanced

Course Overview

This course builds on the Introduction and Intermediate courses to show you how to bring all of the different Access objects and development phases together to make a cohesive application. It also teaches you many different techniques to make Access even more interactive by using dialog boxes, subforms, and more controls. Finally, the course shows you how to create different types of macros and how to select the proper Control and Event for the best possible outcome. The course will cover programming tips as well.

Course Objectives

Designing the Application, Subforms, Dialog Boxes, Controls, Passing Form Values to Queries, Simple Macros, Macro Groups, Conditional Macros, System Wrap-Up, Programming Tips

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Designing the Application

  • The Access Development Phases
  • Putting the Entire Database on a Server
  • Splitting the Database
  • Creating a Database Project

3 - Subforms

  • Creating a Subform Automatically
  • Creating a Subform Manually
  • Linking a Subform
  • Referencing Controls in a Subform

4 - Dialog Boxes

  • Understanding Dialog Boxes
  • Creating a Dialog Box
  • Setting Dialog Box Properties
  • Setting Dialog Events

5 - Passing Form Values to Queries

  • Examining the Query and Form
  • Using the Expression Builder

6 - Controls

  • Using the Option Group Control
  • Using the Command Button Control
  • Using the Combo Box Control

7 - Simple Macros

  • Understanding Macro Types
  • Creating a Simple Macro

8 - Macro Groups

  • Understanding Macro Groups
  • Creating a Macro Group

9 - Conditional Macros

  • Understanding Conditional Macros
  • Creating a Conditional Macro
  • Using the StopMacro Command
  • Fixing Syntax Errors
  • Handling a False Condition
  • Validating Input

10 - System Wrap-Up

  • Importance of Documenting the Database
  • Using the Database Documenter
  • Setting Autostart Options
  • Setting a Password

11 - Programming Tips

  • Data First
  • Table Properties
  • Form Design
  • Follow Windows
  • Close Buttons
  • Simple is Best

12 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

2 Hours, 41 Minutes

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