Excellence in Service - Advanced

Course Overview

In this course, learn how to develop and monitor service standards to support exceptional customer service; build customer service teams; understand your customers and how they measure service; and how to develop customer loyalty with your customers.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:

  • Discuss the basics of service standards, monitor service standards, and understand how management standards support exceptional customer service.
  • Build customer service teams, select right employees through effective screening and interviews, provide training and empowerment, and motivate employees to maintain desirable behaviors.
  • Understand your customers and how they measure service, develop loyalty in customers, understand how employee loyalty affects service, and create memorable service.

    Course Outline

    1 - Service standards

    • Fundamentals of service standards
    • Understanding service standards
    • Creating effective standards
    • Establishing standards
    • Implementing standards
    • Monitoring service standards
    • Assessing the effectiveness of standards
    • Obtaining customer feedback
    • Correcting service problems
    • Management and service standards
    • Building and monitoring the service team
    • Creating an action plan
    • Establishing managerial standards
    • Identifying and overcoming service barriers

    2 - Service teams

    • Teams as a service solution
    • Understanding customer service teams
    • Maintaining a customer service team
    • Employee selection
    • Choosing the right employees
    • Conducting an interview
    • Team training and empowerment
    • Implementing proper training
    • Empowering employees
    • Motivation
    • Understanding the importance of motivation
    • Reinforcing desirable behavior

    3 - Customer loyalty

    • Understanding your customers
    • Knowing your customers
    • Understanding customer criteria
    • Uncovering customers’ needs
    • Customer loyalty development
    • Understanding customer loyalty
    • Building loyal customers
    • Encouraging customer loyalty
    • Employee loyalty’s influence
    • Developing employee loyalty
    • Helping employees to perform
    • Memorable service
    • Creating memorable service
    • Solving customer problems

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