Why New Horizons?

Thumbs Up!

Meaningful Work: New Horizons has improved business outcomes for organizations and transformed the lives of countless career-changers for over 35 years. We provide the tools for businesses and individuals to flourish and we’re proud of the work we do. You will be too.


Learning Opportunities: IT, Desktop Application, Project Management, Sales Development... what would you like to learn? When you work for the world’s largest independent training company, your options are limitless. If you’re passionate about your on-going development, where else would you rather be?

Bright Ideas

Customer Focused Innovation: Training methods evolve and so do we. We are on the leading edge of Training and Development with products designed for every learning style to propel our customers forward. From kickstarting the transition to online delivery in the 90s, to micro-learning and on-demand today, New Horizons paves the way for other training companies to follow.

Heart and hands

NH Culture: Do you want to feel motivated and encouraged when you arrive to work each day? We’ve got your back. From Spirit Days in the office, to support in our communities, we participate in activities that are fun, but that also inspire. Through our collective efforts as one team spread across 12 different locations, NH fosters a supportive environment you’ll be happy to call "home".

Damon Campbell, sales Employee Spotlight

Damon Campbell, Veteran Career Specialist & Career Consultant

How long have you worked for New Horizons?
I’ve worked here for 2 years.

What do you like about being part of the Sales Department? I don't really think of myself as a salesman. I just love to help people succeed and improve their lives, especially my fellow Veterans.

What drew you to New Horizons? I originally took interest in NH under the Vet focus opportunity. I quickly realized I was able to help many different people. 

Favorite Movies: Hunt for Red October & Both Blade Runners.

Favorite Hobby: Hurling—National Sport of Ireland. I created and run the Cleveland team.

Favorite Food: Pizza of course!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Have not been on one for such a long time, I'm not sure I have one. I do enjoy camping though. 🙂

Do What You Love

We believe in fostering ambition and allowing our employees to pursue their passion. What that means is that where you start may not be where you finish. What do you love to do? Where will you be most successful? Let’s find out together.

Brian Zibricky

“I’ve been with New Horizons for over 17 years. For over ten years I was a Technical Instructor and then moved into Operations as a Product Manager. Eventually I began leading our Marketing team which I’m doing today, and I’ve never been happier. At New Horizons the opportunity is there for you to find your passion and live it.”
Brian Zibricky, VP of Marketing

Meet a Few of Our Business Leaders

Roy B

Roy Bruinsma,
Director of Sales

Roy is the Director of Sales in our Livonia, MI office. He knows the value of technical training from his background in the telecom industry. Away from the office, Roy spends time with his wife and two adult children enjoying the outdoors, and visiting with friends.

Kelley M

Kelley Monasterio,
Director of Sales

Kelley has been in the tech industry for over 25 years and is passionate about technical development. When she isn't at work, our Director of Sales for Cleveland and Chicago loves spending time with her husband and two daughters, riding motorcycles and going to the movies.

Chris C

Chris Clifford,
Director of Admissions

Chris has helmed career programs with New Horizons for over a decade as part of our Workforce Development team who change lives every day for dislocated workers. In his free time, Chris and his wife volunteer with an outdoor education program for inner city kids.

16 with at Least 10

At a time when more of the workforce chooses to bounce from job to job, we have 16 employees with at least 10 years of experience with the company. That's nearly 25% of our entire team. Why do many of our employees choose to stay so long? Let's find out.

Ben W

Ben Wendt,
Senior Account Manager

“New Horizons has become part of my family. I started here before I met my wife and now we have kids. Not only have I been given the opportunity to grow and provide for my family, but I have made many life-long friends, several of which began through the relationships I have with my clients.”

Carly J

Carly Joier,
Partner Manager

“Our commitment to helping individuals & companies learn new tech inspires me. It’s very gratifying to see people & companies & even my own family growing because of what we do.”

Dawn E

Dawn Elam,
Site Manager

“I love interacting with our customers and knowing that they are going to have a great experience with us. We’re helping them achieve success, and being able to do that each day makes working at New Horizons really rewarding.”

Our Hiring Process

Do your best to align your skills and experience to our job requirements and description.


Once your application is accepted for a sales role, you’ll be sent a skills assessment to complete.

Steps in the interview process include a preliminary call with our Recruiting Specialist, followed by a discussion with our Hiring Manager, and ultimately a conversation with our CEO.


If you’re selected, you will be contacted by our Recruiting Specialist who will walk you through the details of our offer.

Our Locations

We have 7 State-of-the-Art facilities in 5 mid-west and eastern states.

NH Learning Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, height, weight, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other classifications protected by applicable law.