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What makes a successful business? Large profits can mean you are hardworking and smart, but how do you measure if the practices you are using to manage and run the company are making you successful? You could look at your employees for this answer. How do your employees feel towards the company? Are they engaged? Do they feel well compensated for their work? Are they happy to be there? How can you ensure employee success? The best way to ensure continued success is with continued training.

The amount of money made does not always translate to success in your company, not like you’d think. Success over a long period of time can directly correlate to the knowledgeability of your staff. Employees who know more are bigger assets to their companies and better people to have around when disaster strikes. Let’s face it, employees are human. There are bound to be mistakes made, emergencies that come up and sick days taken. Why worry about someone important being missing one day, when you have the luxury of knowing there is someone else on your staff who knows how to help with a problem?

Several Training Options Currently Exist

Getting access to training is easy. Training companies are easily and readily available. Many institutes, like New Horizons, are ready and able to take on large groups for training, with various locations all over the country to choose from. New Horizons has a host of expert staff ready to answer questions and offer the best teaching that they can. 83% of surveyed organizations improved their job performance by more than 10% since participating in a New Horizons training.

Continued training is a necessity for continued success. You may even find your employees are eager for extended training in their fields. Being able to sit down with a teacher and learn more to better themselves will reignite their dedication to working hard. However sometimes outside factors do not permit everyone to be available at the same time. You want your employees to be trained in a new skill without it cutting into their productivity on current tasks. This may seem like a catch 22, but there are a few solutions: onsite training and online training.

Key Benefits of Online Training

You may be thinking “Online training! That’s it; easy, fast, on my time. Done.” First, you should know why online training is such an asset to your business. Yes, it provides all the reasons you want and many others. But it does not come without difficulty too. Many people forget that, just because a course is online, they still need to work just as hard as if it were a classroom setting. Employees can forget about online lessons if they are also worried about their day to day tasks.

  • Flexibility – Online fits to your schedule. You can choose when classes will take places and have instructors work with you to meet needs.
  • Time Efficient – Courses can be scheduled during a time that works for you. New Horizons is all about meeting your needs and getting training in on your time. We will make what works for you work for us.
  • InteractiveOnline Live Learning (OLL) lets you participate with the instructors to encourage questions and discussion. Some courses even require lab work with other participants within the course.
  • Cost Effective – Save money on travel costs by opting for online courses. Also, for your convenience, you have the option to review the online course for up to a year after taking it.

Key Benefits of On-Site Training

Now, on the other hand, another great way to get training to your employees without decreasing productivity is through On-site Training. This can be both a fiscally beneficial option as well as instructively.  On-site training helps you save money from sending your employees to the training. The training comes to you. You can also save by having an entire group of employees trained at the same time.  

  • Group Support – On-site training helps to get training to everyone at the same time. There is more room for staff to help each other understand parts of the lesson that they may be having trouble with or missed during the sessions.
  • Flexibility – Having training come to you means having it on your time. On-site training will allow you to schedule a time that best suits your company’s needs. It may delay day to day tasks if you are having the training take place during normal work hours but it will be made up for when your staff knows how to properly utilize the software available to them.
  • Cost Effective – As stated before, training on your site saves money in a few ways. The travel cost is lessened because your employees do not all have to travel to a different location and they are all being trained at the same time, which saves you from having to pay the same fee multiple times if they all cannot attend the same class.
  • Time Efficient – “One and done” is what onsite training is all about. Getting all of your staff trained at the same time in the same place takes the hassle out of the whole process.

Key Benefits of Continuing Education

So you have all the options in front of you now, but you’re still wondering “Why do I need to give my staff more training?” There are a million and one reasons why providing continuous training for your employees is for your advantage. A few of the main benefits are:

  • Technology keeps advancing – The world of technology is constantly evolving. So why continue to train your employees on outdated systems when more advanced methods are being created as we speak. Continuous training is a necessity in some fields, like technology.
  • ROI from your employees – This point has been made many times before, but it is an important one. Investing in employee training comes back to help you in the long run. The more your employees learn and grow, the more they can do the same for your company.
  • Training methods have changed – A 2014 study shows that 94% of companies invest in sales training, however they are investing too much into teaching outdated methods that don’t deliver the desired results. New ways of doing business have changed the way employees should be trained. If you run the IT department, you wouldn’t teach them how to use outdated software that is no longer compatible with most, if not all, systems.

At New Horizons, we’re talking about technology everyday—and not just with a variety of clients, but with leading vendors—about industry trends and real-life challenges. And because of our close partnership with leading vendors, New Horizons is positioned to help businesses like yours leverage our knowledge experts to discuss strategies, implementation and troubleshooting.


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