Infographic: Cyberattack Trends in 2018

When it comes to the global cyber landscape, threats are ever evolving, keeping organizations as well as the security community constantly challenged. In 2018, the different strains of malware and their authors have proven to be capable of much more than previously imagined, with more sophistication and with a new level of agility. Download our infographic for a closer look at cyber-attack trends thus far in 2018.

View the infographic at full size and/or download it as a PDF.

Additional Cybersecurity Training Solutions

Being properly trained and informed is no longer exclusively for IT and Cybersecurity Professionals. Instead, it is now the responsibility of everyone in an organization to have at minimum a foundational understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities. At New Horizons, we are on the cutting-edge of cybersecurity with training programs designed to ensure that your organization can best prevent itself against attacks and, should one occur, significantly reduce your risk and increase your response time. View our entire lineup of Cybersecurity learning solutions.

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