How to Embed a Web Video into Microsoft PowerPoint

Videos can add an extra boost to presentations. Many people are visual learners and videos have proven to help keep people engaged with the content being shown to them. They can also make long presentations more enjoyable. Here is an easy way to embed videos into your PowerPoint presentations:

1. Choose a new slide with content box; the one that has the icons to easily add in various medias. Or duplicate a previously used slide.

2. Click the bottom right icon that resembles a small film strip. A new window will open, prompting you to choose where the video you wish to input is located.

To embed videos from the web, you can choose either to search from YouTube or to copy the embed code.

3. To copy the embed code, find the video you wish to embed. Right click on the video and in the menu should be an option to embed the video.

4. Ctrl+V that code into the field. Click the box to continue.


5. The video will embed into the PowerPoint now. Adjust the video to the size you want.


6. You can choose to have the video start automatically or on click by right clicking on the video.

A separate menu will come up. Choose Start and make your selection there. 

Congratulations! You now know how to embed web videos to add give an extra boost to your PowerPoint presentations.

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