How to Easily Create Templates with Slide Master

With the new year coming, many people will be presenting the numbers of last year and creating goals for next. This means a lot of presentations. Whether it's an end of the year address or a New Year boost meeting, you can easily create template presentations by using Slide Master in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Slide Master is an easy to use tool that lets users create template presentations that can be saved and used over and over. Designing and formatting is very simple. Here's how:

1. Open a new PowerPoint presentation. Select Blank Presentation.

2. Select the View tab. Find the section labeled Master Views and select Slide Master.

3. An overview of all the slides will appear. This will let you see how each individual slide will look in the theme you pick.

4. Pick your theme now. You can choose from one of the themes from Microsoft by selecting Themes. There is even an option to browse more online.

5. Once you've chosen the theme you can change the colors to best suit your business. You can also change fonts and effects on every slide, to create a uniform look.  Don't be afraid to change fonts and colors to make sure everything is legible for your viewers.

You can also customize colors for your templates and name them for future use.

6. Once the template is complete, save it. Select FileSave As  and then choose where and what to save it as. Be sure to save it as PowerPoint Template (.potx), otherwise you're just saving a presentation.

Congratulations! You know have a template ready to use on any presentation.

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