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DevOps Test Engineer (DTE)

Course Overview

The DevOps Test Engineering course specifically addresses testing in a DevOps environment. It describes culture and team aspects for team engineers, test strategies, test infrastructures, test tools, test automation, best practices, test management, and analysis. Note: Students need to pass the DevOps foundation certification in order to take any follow up exams.

Who Should Attend

Target Audience: Quality assurance managers, testers and quality assurance teams, software engineers, software developers, DevOps engineers, IT managers, project managers, release managers and delivery staff, maintenance and support staff, as well as anyone involved in testing tool selection.

Course Objectives

In the DTE course, participants experience an inclusive learning environment focusing on the methodology required for a DevOps culture. Candidates learn: (1)The purpose, benefits, concepts and vocabulary of DevOps testing. (2) How DevOps testing differs from other types of testing. (3) The importance all IT roles play within testing. (4) DevOps testing strategies, best practices, infrastructure, tools, automation, and results analysis. (5) Strategies for selecting test tools and implementing test automation. (6) Integration of DevOps testing into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery workflow.

Suggested Prerequisites

Course Outline

1 - DevOps Testing Concepts, Terms & Benefits

2 - DevOps Testing Teams and Roles

3 - DevOps Testing Strategies

4 - DevOps Testing Infrastructure and Tools

5 - Day 1 Closing Session

6 - DevOps Test Plan Best Practices

7 - DevOps Test Automation Best Practices

8 - DevOps Test Management and Analysis Best Practices

9 - Exercise: Define a DevOps Test Strategy for a product

10 - Course Closure

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This class is available for Private Group Training