Q: What is the Windows 10 Migration Program?

The Windows 10 Migration Program is a multi-faceted slate of end-user training designed to increase adoption and activation of Windows 10. The 90 day program equips new users with the necessary skills to make a successful transition to Windows 10. The main components of the program are OnDemand video with NHGO NOW, New Horizons Quick Reference Cards, and Instructor-Led training sessions with Power Hour.

Q: How Long Does the Program Last?

The Windows 10 Migration Program is a 90 day program.

Q: How Much Does the Migration Program Cost?

$100 per user up to 500 users. Pricing for larger launch programs involving over 500 users will be provided by your Account Executive.

Q: How Many Instructor-Led Training Sessions are Included in the Migration Program?

Up to 4 one hour sessions per user. Two mandatory (Master the Essentials and Manage Your Files Like a Boss), and two additional elective titles selected by the customer.

Q: How Many Webinars are Included in the Migration Program?

There will be two scheduled webinars. The first will cover the fundamental features of Windows 10 and the second will introduce more advanced features.

Q: How Many Windows 10 Productivity Tips emails will be Sent?

There will be 7 emails distributed on a one-per-week basis beginning during the Launch phase of the program.

Q: How Long Does the Customer have Access to the NHGO NOW Office Library once they Enroll into the Launch Program?

One full year.