Guaranteed-To-Run Courses at New Horizons

New Horizons Offers the Largest Guaranteed-to-Run Schedule in the World!

With over 7,000 Guaranteed-to-Run (GTR) application, technical and business skills courses on our Online LIVE (OLL) schedule, NH Learning Solutions has the largest number of New Horizons course offerings in the world! In addition, new offerings are constantly being added to our schedule.

Online LIVE from New Horizons

One of the greatest challenges students face is sacrificing time at work to attend training. Luckily, New Horizons has a solution for that: Online LIVE. Online LIVE eliminates travel and the additional time away from the office since students can attend training right from their desk. So the minute a class is completed, students are already back to work and able to fulfill their daily responsibilities.

In the past, you may have registered for a technical class that you needed to take at a specific time to prepare for a new software deployment, or to prepare for a certification exam - only to have that class canceled at the last minute due to a lack of enrollments. Well not anymore!

GTR Means Your Class is Guaranteed-To-Run

Because of the tremendous advantages of taking courses in an interactive online environment, we can now offer the vast majority of our Online LIVE courses as "Guaranteed to Run." This means that your class will NOT cancel, and you can be assured that it will be available when you need it.

As you search our site for the course you need, watch for the green and white GTR designation beside each of our Online LIVE classes that are Guaranteed-To-Run.

Enroll with Confidence. It's Guaranteed.

New Horizons has many years of experience in offering high quality online delivery of the most in-demand technical courses, taught by the best instructors in the industry. Our selection of classes is second to none, being offered more frequently than ever, providing you with the most agile and robust training solutions in the industry today. Below are out most popular offerings:

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