The world has stopped, but you don’t have to. Join us for our Accelerate Now Webinar Series as we discuss topics to inspire growth and momentum during these unprecedented times.


What is your WHY? Strategies to Define Your Purpose.

Date and Time: Monday, June 22nd | 12:30 EDT
Description: With the ever-changing demands from customers and running your business, all organizations need to focus their employees on “What is your WHY?” A clear and defined purpose for an organization can help maximize value to that organization and help empower and motivate employees. This webinar will explore why clearly defining and communicating your purpose, goals, and objectives are critical to your success.
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Transformational Leadership in Turbulent Times.

Date and Time: Thursday, June 25th | 12:30 EDT
Description: As new methods of managing projects, providing service, and creating products are introduced, it may be a challenge to manage and motivate your employees. Join us for this free event as we explore new perspectives on how to become more of a transformational leader during these turbulent times.
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Why Agile and Why Now?

Date and Time: Tuesday, June 30th | 12:30 EDT
Description: With your customer and business requirements constantly changing, companies need the ability to react and change to their needs. The software development approach must change to meet these demands. In this webinar, we will take a look at the very popular Agile development lifecycle and how it can help your company maximize the value to your customers.
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Why IT Service Management (ITSM) and Why Now?

Date and Time: Tuesday, July 7th | 12:30 EDT
Description: IT Service Management (ITSM) helps organizations manage the delivery of IT services to their customers. Using these frameworks can maximize an organization's efficiency across the entire end-to-end lifecycle. We will explore ITSM and the various frameworks available to manage your IT services.
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Why DevOps and Why Now?

Date and Time: Thursday, July 9th | 12:30 EDT
Description: Speed to market has become one of the key differentiators for successful organizations. The DevOps methodology, and its rapid implementation cycle, creates challenges for organizations. We will explore why DevOps is growing so quickly and how to focus your organization on how to maximize its benefits.
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Bringing Your Remote Workers Together to Collaborate in the Office Cloud.

Date and Time: Friday, July 17th | 12:30 EDT
Description: As today's workforce becomes more remote, the requirements for running successful meetings, and collaborating with co-workers, have shifted. We need clear methods of communication and collaboration that are easy to use without sacrificing important features. Join us for this informative webinar as we discuss how Microsoft's suite of online applications - including Microsoft Teams - can help.
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