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Leadership & Development: The Art of Effective Presentations

Register Now Whether speaking publicly or to a specific audience, the ability to build, develop and deliver a purposeful presentation is key to being able to convey your message and achieve your ...Read More


Best practices for intranet design using Hub sites and modern communications sites

Register Now Hub sites provide common navigational structure, look and feel, and search across associated sites. We’ll showcase best practices for planning and organizing your intranet with SharePoint hub sites. Join ...Read More


6 Great Ways to Use IT User Criticism to Your Advantage

Register Now Meaningful communication with your business users is one of the hallmarks of great internal client service. Without frank conversations, your IT team can easily get caught unaware and crash n’ ...Read More

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Calling All Leaders: Start a Book Club

Three years ago, I attended our annual International Conference. One of the breakout sessions had a speaker whose name unfortunately I cannot remember. He discussed, however, how he utilized a “book club” to help develop his company’s culture, which stayed with me.

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Top 5 Tips for New Project Managers

If you’re a new Project Manager the extensive set of required skills can be daunting. For that reason, we thought it wise to provide some guidance for those new PMs that are still trying to find their footing.

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The Growing IT Skills Gap

The IT skills gap is growing. The demand for advanced skills in programming, app development and data analysis is on the rise. Emerging technologies like machine learning and AI are poised to generate at least 133 million new roles by 2022.

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