Project 2007 - Beginner

Course Overview

This course gives the user a beginning orientation to Microsoft Project 2007. The primary focus of this course is to teach the user how to properly use Project 2007 by leveraging the different tools within the application. This includes creating new projects and calendars, entering tasks and relationships, managing resources, and learning how to use the variety of tools available to effectively implement a project plan.

Course Objectives

Getting Started, Creating a New Project Plan, Outlining Tasks, Linking Tasks, Resources, Finalizing the Project Plan

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Getting Started

  • Exploring the Project Environment
  • Using Gannt and Other Views
  • Printing Gannt Charts

3 - Creating a New Project Plan

  • The Project Calendar
  • Adding Tasks
  • Task Information
  • Entering Recurring Tasks

4 - Outlining Tasks

  • Indenting Tasks
  • Outdenting Tasks

5 - Linking Tasks

  • Setting Dates and Predecessors
  • Linking Tasks Using the Toolbar
  • Using Elapsed Durations
  • Viewing Project Information

6 - Resources

  • Adding Resources
  • Using the Resource Sheet
  • Resource Usage and Calendar
  • Using Resource Leveling

7 - Finalizing the Project Plan

  • Viewing the Critical Path
  • Setting a Baseline
  • Viewing Statistics
  • Viewing Reports

8 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

2 Hours, 8 Minutes

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