Outlook 2013 - Beginner

Course Overview

This course is designed to teach students the basics of Microsoft Outlook 2013 and help them gain familiarity with the Outlook environment and basic functionality. Students will learn the basics of email, how to use the Help feature, how to create and send messages, and how to work with attachments. Students will also learn organizational techniques through the use of folders, views, categories, flags, and searching. Additionally, students will review printing options, automatic replies, contact creation and management, calendar use and management, task and note creation and management, message options, and email signatures.

Course Objectives

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook, Creating and Sending Messages, Organizing a Mailbox with Folders, Managing and Organizing the Outlook Mailbox, Managing People and Contacts, Managing the Calendar, Managing Tasks and Notes, Increasing Efficiency with Outlook

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

  • What is Outlook?
  • Understanding the Components of an Email Address
  • Basics of Email Etiquette
  • Understanding Outlook Components
  • Using the Ribbon and Contextual Tabs
  • Opening Messages
  • Accessing Help

3 - Creating and Sending Messages

  • Creating a Basic Email
  • Addressing Emails
  • Understanding Mail Specific Ribbon Tabs
  • Formatting an Email Message
  • Marking Importance and Sensitivity
  • Replying to and Forwarding Emails
  • Attaching Files and Items to Messages
  • Working with Attachments
  • Proofing Emails
  • Translating Email Text

4 - Organizing a Mailbox with Folders

  • Understanding Outlook Folders
  • Basics of Navigating and Using Folders
  • Organizing with Folders
  • Creating and Editing Favorites

5 - Managing and Organizing the Outlook Mailbox

  • Adjusting Reading Options
  • Using Conversation View
  • Modifying Arrangement Options
  • Organizing Emails with Color Categories
  • Organizing Emails with Flags
  • Understanding the Basics of Sorting Emails
  • Searching for Messages
  • Using the Search Tools Tab
  • Printing Messages
  • Deleting and Recovering Messages
  • Using Automatic Replies

6 - Managing People and Contacts

  • Creating and Editing Contacts
  • Adjusting Contact Views
  • Creating and Editing Contact Groups
  • Adding Contacts from Meetings and Messages
  • Categorizing and Filtering Contacts

7 - Managing the Calendar

  • Calendar Overview
  • Exploring Calendar Views
  • Creating Appointments
  • Creating Calendar Groups
  • Creating Meetings
  • Managing Meetings
  • Editing Meetings

8 - Managing Tasks and Notes

  • Working with Tasks
  • Creating and Updating Tasks
  • Assigning Tasks
  • Working with Notes

9 - Increasing Efficiency with Outlook

  • Message Reply Options
  • Recalling and Resending Messages
  • Creating an Email Signature
  • Using Email Signatures
  • Basics of Automating Outlook with Quicksteps

10 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

2 Hours, 19 Minutes

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