Database Design - Beginner

Course Overview

This course familiarizes the student with techniques to properly create and normalize a relational database. This single course can help prevent the new database developer from creating mistakes that add hours and days to a development project.

Course Objectives

Database Basics, Normalizing

Course Outline

1 - Introduction

  • Introduction

2 - Database Basics

  • Overview
  • What is a Database?
  • Different Types of Databases
  • The Process of Database Design

3 - Normalizing

  • Overview
  • What is Normalization?
  • Basic Steps to Normalization
  • A. Brainstorm
  • B. Organize
  • C. Eliminate Repetition
  • D. Assign Relationships
  • D-1. One to One Relationship
  • D-2. One to Many Relationship
  • D-3. Many to Many Relationship
  • Relating Tables with IDs
  • Examples of Bad Design
  • Examples of Good Design
  • Design Rules

4 - Conclusion

  • Course Recap

1 Hours, 38 Minutes

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