SharePoint 2019 Working with Permissions

Course Overview

This course teaches students how to create, work with, and edit permission levels in a SharePoint site in order to ensure that the proper people have correct access levels and that the site is secure.

Who Should Attend

This course is for SharePoint site owners, administrators, and power users who will be managing existing permission levels and creating unique permissions in a SharePoint site. It is recommended that students learn the basics of using SharePoint in their organization before taking this course.?

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to?understand SharePoint permissions, create permission levels, grant site access for groups and individuals, edit and remove site access, create SharePoint groups, create unique permissions, and understand best practices when working with Permissions.

Course Outline

1 - Lessons

  • SharePoint Permissions - Learn about SharePoint permission levels and how to create permission levels.
  • Groups vs Individual Access - Learn how to grant site access via share and via settings, and how to add users to groups.
  • Editing/Removing Site Access - Learn how to edit site access, remove site access, and remove users from groups.
  • Working with SharePoint Groups - Learn how to create SharePoint groups
  • Creating Unique Permissions - Learn how to create and remove unique permissions for subsites, libraries, and lists.
  • Permissions Best Practices - Learn best practices when working with permissions.

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