Discovering Your Leadership Voice

Course Overview

By their very definition, leaders inspire followership in others. Whether speaking conversationally or presenting before a group, a powerful leadership message delivered with impact and focused on the needs of the audience, can motivate and energize others, further strengthening your leadership effectiveness and galvanizing support for your vision. In this course, you will learn proven techniques to find and develop your own voice as a leader – one that builds trusts, fosters enthusiasm for change, engages colleagues, strengthens relationships, and achieves results. Download the Course Outline and Information on Post-Class Content.

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want to develop or strengthen their leadership position.

Course Objectives

Enhance your leadership effectiveness through your message. Communicate with greater openness and authenticity. Craft compelling messages that connect people to purpose. Engage, motivate, and inspire others to embrace change. Apply your leadership voice to increase your impact and influence.

Course Outline

1 - Leading with Authenticity

  • Adopting a Structured Approach
  • Linking Authenticity and Awareness
  • Enhancing Self-Awareness
  • Applying the Johari Window

2 - Your Leadership Voice

  • Becoming an Authentic Leader
  • Assessing Key Competencies
  • Defining Your Leadership Purpose

3 - A Compelling Vision

  • Crafting Your Vision for Change
  • Clarifying Goals and Outcomes

4 - Crafting Your Message

  • Speaking with Credibility, Emotion, and Logic
  • Leading from Anywhere
  • Applying Techniques for Engaging Others
  • Engaging Through Storytelling

5 - Delivering Your Message

  • Bridging Different Thinking
  • Flexing Communication Styles
  • Adjusting for Style and Impact

6 - Reviewing Your Results

  • Reviewing and Adjusting
  • Taking an Iterative Approach
  • Repeating, Reiterating, and Building Support

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This class is available for Private Group Training