Cisco® Implementing Cisco® Quality of Service (QOS)

Course Overview

This course provides students with knowledge of IP QoS requirements, conceptual models using Differentiated Services (DiffServ), Integrated Services (IntServ) and Best Effort (over provisioning), and the implementation of IP QoS on Cisco IOS switches.

Who Should Attend

Channel Partner / Reseller Customer Employee

Course Objectives

At course completion students will be able to:

  • Understanding the components of the Cisco Unity system, describing their standard and optional features, and explaining how they integrate into a unified messaging system
  • Implementing Quality of Service (QoS) and methods for implementing and managing QoS
  • Managing network congestion and reducing the effects of congestion on the network
  • Traffic policing shaping mechanisms to effectively limit the rate of network traffic, and efficiency mechanisms to improve the bandwidth efficiency of the link
  • Providing QoS using Cisco best practices Technical Features of this course include the following:
  • MQC and AutoQoS
  • MQC and NBAR
  • RED, Weighted RED
  • QoS for Security Associated Certification: CCIP (QOS exam is 642-642)

    Suggested Prerequisites

    Next Steps and Related Courses

    Course Outline

    1 - Introduction to QoS

    • Understanding the Need for QoS
    • Understanding QoS
    • Implementing QoS

    2 - The Building Blocks of QoS

    • Identifying Models for Implementing QoS
    • Understanding the Integrated Services Model
    • Understanding the Differentiated Services Model
    • Identifying QoS Mechanisms
    • Understanding QoS in the Life of a Packet
    • Case Study 2-1: QoS Mechanisms
    • Lab 2-1: QoS Lab Setup and Initialization
    • Lab 2-2: Baseline QoS Measurement

    3 - Introduction to Modular QoS CLI and AutoQoS

    • Introducing Modular QoS CLI
    • Introducing Cisco AutoQoS VoIP
    • Introducing Cisco AutoQoS Enterprise
    • Lab 3-1: Configuring QoS with AutoQoS

    4 - Classification and Marking

    • Understanding Classification and Marking
    • Using MQC for Classification
    • Using MQC for Class-Based Marking
    • Using NBAR for Classification
    • Configuring QoS Preclassify
    • Configuring QoS Policy Propagation Through BGP
    • Configuring LAN Classification and Marking
    • Case Study 4-1: Classification and Marking
    • Lab 4-1: Classification and Marking Using MQC
    • Lab 4-2: Classification Using NBAR
    • Lab 4-3: Configuring QoS Preclassify
    • Lab 4-4: LAN-Based Packet Classification and Marking

    5 - Congestion Management

    • Introducing Queuing
    • Understanding Queuing Implementations
    • Configuring FIFO and WFQ
    • Configuring CBWFQ and LLQ
    • Configuring LAN Congestion Management
    • Lab 5-1: Configuring Basic Queuing
    • Lab 5-2: Configuring LLQ
    • Lab 5-3: Configuring Queuing on a Catalyst Switch

    6 - Congestion Avoidance

    • Introducing Congestion Avoidance
    • Introducing RED
    • Configuring Class-Based Weighted RED
    • Configuring Explicit Congestion Notification
    • Case Study 6-1: WRED Traffic Profiles
    • Lab 6-1: Configuring DSCP-Based WRED

    7 - Traffic Policing and Shaping

    • Understanding Traffic Policing and Shaping
    • Configuring Class-Based Policing
    • Configuring Class-Based Shaping
    • Configuring Class-Based Shaping on Frame Relay Interfaces
    • Frame Relay Voice-Adaptive Traffic Shaping and Fragmentation
    • Lab 7-1: Configuring Class-Based Policing
    • Lab 7-2: Configuring Class-Based Shaping

    8 - Link Efficiency Mechanisms

    • Understanding Link Efficiency Mechanisms
    • Configuring Class-Based Header Compression
    • Configuring Link Fragmentation and Interleaving
    • Lab 8-1: Configuring Class-Based Header Compression
    • Lab 8-2: Configuring LFI

    9 - QoS Best Practices

    • Understanding Traffic Classification Best Practices
    • Deploying End-to-End QoS
    • Providing QoS for Security

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