The Value of Tech Teamwork

Businesses have many people that make up their staff. They all work together to give their best to the client. This is the value of teamwork. Every employee has their own role to play and works hard to deliver. However, one of the most overlooked members of the team is also the hardest working. These hard workers are the technologies that get used every day.

Computers are almost always working, even when you’re not there. Software and system updates normally happen in off hours of the day and some never stop at all. The technology in your office is working around the clock to compile data for you to use to make your company better. Before you think it’s crazy, technology is as much a part of your team as any person. They have a job to do, you expect them to follow through on what is (nonverbally) asked of them, and you sometimes get frustrated, yell and curse when they don’t work like they’re supposed to. Tech is a part of your team and as a member, it is important to make sure it gets along with everyone else.

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. Constantly evolving into newer, better versions of itself. Computers and other technological advances do a lot of critical thinking and processing for everyone in the office. Employees interact with these silent team members every day, but are the computers and technologies in your office space being used to their maximum potential? Every update means new features that employees need to learn or re-learn how to use. The biggest issue that can arise from this constant interaction is that many employees have now gotten set into a routine. While they use the software every day, how can it be seen if they are using it to its fullest potential? Proper training can help optimize productivity for employees. Having staff know how to properly use software means less time asking questions to supervisors or colleagues and also making sure the software is used in the most efficient way possible.

What’s the benefit for training employees properly? Training Your Employees to Succeed helps not only your employees but also your business.

Advanced technology isn’t just faster computers and programs in the office. It is also mobile working. Email, mobile internet, cell phones, tablets and others make it easier for work to be done anywhere. Things like SharePoint, a feature in Office 362, lets you save work to online files so that you can retrieve and continue working from another device connected to those shared files. The addition of more advanced technology in the work place has helped to increase productivity in employees; both in office and remote. In a study showing the impact of technology on workers, 39% of employees said the introduction of common technologies allowed them to be more flexible with their work hours. On top of that, the use of tech as well as the flexibility, 35% increased the amount of hours they worked.

Playing nice with work technology is not restricted to end users. Another department of your company that is always working closely with the tech teammates is the IT department. Making sure the technical support team has the best idea on how to interact and resolve any issues that come up is a mandatory need for your business. Also, if the IT department has a full grasp on how to work well with the software, then it is less likely for a business to have issues regarding it. All resources need to be utilized to their fullest potential when it comes to tech. When employees get confused or have questions, the first person they’re likely to ask is the manager. Many questions can be moved off to a specific department, such as computer questions to IT. However, it makes a great difference to have the supervising staff have an idea on how to direct employees on questions they have. Another way for managers to work cohesively with tech is using it to fully measure productivity.

Technologies in the workforce have innovated and advanced many features. They are hardworking members of any team in any field and working alongside them should make things easier. A cohesive relationship with technology is a vital point to having your office run smoothly. Proper teamwork is essential to creating a healthy work environment with your staff and the technology they work with every day.

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