The Benefits of Online Courses

Although online courses have some limitations, there are several advantages of online learning that can help to explain why it may be the ideal learning method for you.

In this post, we will discuss what online learning (aka eLearning) is, the key benefits of online learning, as well as a clear explanation of Online LIVE (OLL) from New Horizons. Also, to be fair, we will even address the major disadvantages of online courses.

What Exactly is eLearning?

Arguably, anyone who has used a computer (mobile or not) to learn has completed some type of eLearning. Maybe it was called web-based training, or online learning, or computer-based training, but it’s all under the same category: eLearning. Think of eLearning is as the use of computers, tablets, or smartphones to educate or train individuals.

We especially liked eLearningNC.gov's definition: "eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program, or degree delivered completely online."

What is Online LIVE (OLL) from New Horizons?

Although it's 2020, and several professionals are aware of eLearning, there is still a very real misconception of Online LIVE from New Horizons. Online LIVE is not video-based training. Across the training industry, however, “eLearning” is often synonymous with on-demand video. Regardless of the actual definition, which we discussed earlier, that’s what some customers think when they hear the term eLearning.

With that said, let's take a moment to clarify a few things about Online LIVE. 

Online LIVE is instructor-led training delivered virtually. This means it gives you the freedom to attend class from anywhere—at home, at the office, or at a New Horizons location. Utilizing the eLearning platform, Adobe Connect, Online LIVE provides a rich, engaging, live classroom environment that allows you to easily interact with instructors and fellow students.

Just like our physical classrooms, students attending training through Online LIVE have a real time, live instructor-led student experience. The live instructor teaches the course and provides the opportunity for students to ask live questions via voice or instant message (IM) questions during the live training event.

What are the Top 5 Benefits of Online LIVE (OLL)?

1. You Can Attend Your Class from Anywhere

  • From Work – One of the greatest challenges students face is sacrificing time from work to attend training. Online LIVE eliminates travel and the additional time away from the office, since you can attend training right from your desk. So the minute a class is completed, you are already back to work and able to fulfill your daily responsibilities.
  • From Home – If you have a home office, or prefer a local coffee shop, you can attend an OLL course anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • From a New Horizons Center– Many students opt to take their online course at their local New Horizons center since it helps to eliminate any distractions.

2. You Have Access to a Wide Selection of Courses that Will Not Be Canceled
We can offer all of our nearly 500 Online LIVE course titles as "Guaranteed-to-Run" (GTR). This means that your class will NOT cancel, and you can be assured that it will be available when you need it. With classroom training, on the other hand, there is a minimum number of enrollments that must be met in order for the class to run.

3. You Can Network with other Professionals Across the Globe 
One of the greatest sources of insight can come from your peers. Using our collaborative online learning platform, you are able to connect with other students through the use of collaboration groups, video conferencing, screen sharing, and an easy-to-use chat window.

4. You Have Access to the Best Instructors, Regardless of their Location
Our instructors are located across the entire U.S., so just because you are located in Chicago, for example, that does not mean you cannot train with one of our New York-based veteran instructors, who may be particularly versed in the exact technology you are looking to train on, such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, and more. In a virtual, instructor-led environment, location is inconsequential.

5. The Hands-On Experience is Exactly the Same
The hands-on experience is not lost during your online class. In fact, with our Labs on Demand, you have online access to the same client and server technologies we cover in our physical classroom, which means you can test, apply, and hone your skills on real equipment accessed over the Internet.

OK - Now What About the Disadvantages Online Learning?

Although many agree that online learning is the best method in which to be trained, there are still some who believe it is not the right choice and that there are several disadvantages.

Some argue that online courses are non-interactive or that it can be especially ineffective for disciplines that involve practice. There may be some truth to these claims. View our blog, “The Perceived Disadvantages of Online Courses” for a complete look, and you decide.

We hope this helps clear up any misconceptions you may have about online learning. If you have experience taking a course online and would like to share your opinion, please drop us a comment below. Our readers would love to hear from you!

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