How To Customize Grammar Settings in Microsoft Word

Auto-Correct is a modern marvel that many people use without even knowing it. Combined with spellcheck, lessons on knowing proper grammar have become less frequent. Computers now make those corrections for us. However, our tech is only so smart and sometimes it does not understand phrasing and names that are common in some industries. Speaking specifically for the tech industry, try writing any kind of guide or case study in Microsoft Word without getting that red edit line somewhere.

There is a way to solve this problem though. A little known area in Word called the Grammar Settings. This option lets you set preferences for how you construct papers, from spelling to grammar. Here's how it works:

1. Open a blank Word Document. Click File Options

2. Click ProofingGrammar Settings in Microsoft Word

3. From there, choose your preferences for Auto CorrectSpelling, and GrammarGrammar Settings in Microsoft Word

Note that under Spelling there is an option to Ignore words that contain numbers. This is especially helpful for technical writers who are constantly talking about various versions of products.

4. For Grammar, you can customize further by clicking Settings and marking changes for capitalization, run-on sentences, and more. 

Grammar Settings in Microsoft Word

You can choose for Grammar Only or Grammar & Style Grammar Settings in Microsoft Word

Congratulations. You now have customized grammar settings for your needs. This will making writing longer, industry-specific pieces easier and less time consuming.

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