How to Add Office 365 Connectors in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now used by more than 500,000 organizations only two years after launch. As a tool available in Office 365, Teams has been able to piggyback on the meteoric rise in usage that Office 365 has experienced over the last several years. Microsoft continues to add features to Teams in order to entice customers away from other collaboration and messaging tools. Office 365 Connectors expands the capability of Teams even further.

Office 365 Connectors allow you to push content from different applications into Microsoft Teams. Is your team following a hashtag on Twitter, or collaborating on a code project with GitHub? How about managing cards or tasks in Trello, or managing a project in Asana? Connecting those apps to Teams allows you to be notified of your team’s activity and to stay in sync all in one place. Here’s how to add them.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams, move your mouse over the General channel in the task pane and click the ellipses and click “Connectors”

 2.  The connectors dialog will open. For this example we’ll add Bing News to our list of connectors. All you need to do is to type “Bing” in the Search field. And click the “Add” button on the right.

3.  Another dialog box will open. Click “Install.”

4. Next, you will be prompted to specify the settings for this connector. Here’s where you would type, “Bing News” for the name. Next, click in the “Select topics” field. I choose to type in “Design” and clicked the appropriate result I wanted. Next type in the time you want to receive Bing News and click “Save.”

5. You will be taken back to the Connectors dialog box, where you can see the Connector has successfully been installed. Close the dialog to return to Teams. Your Digest will appear in your Conversations feed. You can place your mouse in the upper right corner to save this message, like this message or view more options.



Hopefully, this tip will help you add Office 365 Connectors to Teams seamlessly to better track activities from integrated services. 


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