Essential Skills for SharePoint Administrators and Developers

Microsoft SharePoint centralizes document storage and collaboration to help companies organize, manage, and share documents. Today, it’s one of the top business collaboration platforms, as two out of three enterprise employees use SharePoint.

As more businesses migrate to SharePoint (Microsoft claims that it's adding 20,000 users every day), the demand for experienced SharePoint administrators and developers will increase. Companies need to ensure their IT teams have the skills to manage and customize the highly technical SharePoint platform.

SharePoint helps businesses work faster and more collaboratively; however, it’s a complex platform that requires knowledge in a variety of areas. Below are some of the most essential SharePoint Administrator and Developer skills that will help professionals and their organizations effectively implement SharePoint solutions.

SharePoint Administrator Skills

A SharePoint Administrator is the first line of support, administration, user education, and security. They are responsible for day-to-day management, understanding the site’s purpose, and delegating tasks to other SharePoint employees to resolve issues quickly. They also understand some SharePoint architecture.

SharePoint Administrators manage the content hosted on SharePoint and help expedite user adoption within an organization. They are responsible for maintaining and securing the platform and monitoring system usage to optimize performance. Other basic tasks include:

  • Creating and configuring new sites
  • Adding document libraries
  • Creating and configuring lists and forms
  • Backing up SharePoint sites

Core Microsoft Skills for SharePoint Administrators

SharePoint integrates with several core Microsoft products, so Administrators should be familiar with at least the following:

  • SQL Server: Almost all SharePoint data is stored here, so you will want to know how to interact with it
  • Power BI: This tool can help centralize data, simplify it with queries, and share it in highly visual reports
  • PowerShell: There are times where you are performing repetitive tasks that can be scripted using PowerShell
  • Office 365: Office 365 is set of online apps/services that encompasses email, calendaring, file sharing, video, collaboration tools, and more

Technical Skills for SharePoint Administrators

Companies use SharePoint to manage and store documents across the organization. SharePoint Administrators also need a combination of business and technical knowledge to resolve potential roadblocks and user issues. This knowledge includes:

  • Windows operating system and hardware
  • Software management
  • Networking infrastructure services, including encryption, security zones, and firewalls
  • Business Analysis skills to organize and execute SharePoint projects that align with the business workflow
  • Basic SharePoint tools like ULS Logs, workflows to automate business processes, and SharePoint forms for tasks, such as creating expense reports

SharePoint Developer Skills

While SharePoint offers “out-of-the-box” features, many companies customize the platform for their needs. SharePoint Developers create custom code and applications. Developers have in-depth knowledge of programming languages and technologies that work with SharePoint and create, implement, and troubleshoot new applications and integrations. Although the lines between an Administrator and Developer often blur, developers possess advanced SharePoint skills to code custom applications and websites to meet specific business needs.

The best SharePoint developers have a knack for understanding end-user problems and discovering the right solutions. They understand how users access and organize information in SharePoint and implement processes that streamline and simplify information management and collaboration.

Core Microsoft Skills for SharePoint Developers

As a SharePoint Developer, you’ll be responsible for creating and customizing SharePoint websites. Seek out experience with these core programs to elevate to a Developer role:

  • SharePoint Designer: This user-friendly tool is perfect for quick building integration solutions or simple workflows.
  • Visio: This program is useful for drafting and collaborating on workflows before exporting them to SharePoint Designer.
  • PowerShell: This tool allows you to run and automate scripts in SharePoint.
  • Visual Studio: Visual Studio provides project templates for SharePoint sites and helps bring complex site requirements to life.

Programming Languages for SharePoint Developers

Microsoft is moving away from server-side rendering in favor of client-side web technologies. This allows SharePoint Developers to provide richer, more interactive user experiences. Understanding different programming languages is essential to learning SharePoint.

Developers should know as many programming languages as possible to make business goals come to life through SharePoint solutions. However, here are the most important ones to learn: .NET, C#, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, & jQuery.

Some Closing Thoughts

As SharePoint increasingly becomes hybrid or Cloud-based, job requirements and skill sets are shifting. SharePoint roles and responsibilities will merge and overlap depending on the needs of the organization. Even if you want to become a SharePoint Developer, you should also develop project management and administrator skills. 

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