8 Reasons Businesses Embrace Microlearning

Today, unfortunately, many employees have less and less time to dedicate to learning and professional development, which is why the way in which businesses deliver training to their employees must change and/or adapt. According to research gathered by Deloitte: “The average employee only has time to devote 1% of their work week to professional development. That means only 24 minutes a week or 4.8 minutes a day can be allotted for training in a normal 40-hour work week.” Perhaps this is why so many businesses are embracing microlearning as their preferred method of training.

First, let's define it. Microlearning is short, focused segments of learning (often 3-5 minutes or shorter) that is designed to meet a specific learning outcome. Typically designed and delivered in rich media formats, it is a learner-centric approach that provides “just-in-time training” that is available on multiple devices, such as tablets and smartphones, in addition to desktops and laptops.

It's also important to note that microlearning may not be the ideal solution for all learning needs. For example, subjects that are complex or highly technical are better suited for more formal instructor-led training. However, microlearning—especially for topics around Microsoft Office applications, such as Outlook, Work and Excel—can offer a wide range of benefits for organizations who want to quickly narrow a skills gaps, without having to take a large chunk out of their Learning & Development budget.

Below are the top eight reasons why businesses are embracing microlearning:

1. Better Knowledge Retention

Rather than overloading the brain, microlearning allows businesses to provide small segments of information so that the learner can process it more effectively, which allows them to absorb and retain the information before they have to move onto the next online activity or module. They can also choose when and where they participate in the online training experience, which allows them to pick a time and place that are conducive to the online training process.

2. It’s There When Employees Need It

These short segments of learning are available to employees exactly when and where they need it. Note: Microlearning can be classified as “on-demand” if participants can access it whenever and wherever they wish. It could also be called “just-in-time” if it’s used to refresh/remind/teach someone something immediately before they need it. 

3. Ideal for Mobile Users

Microlearning is ideally suited for mobile learning (aka mLearning), as employees have the ability to participate in brief modules or units whenever they have some spare time right on their tablets or smartphones. 

4. Fills a Performance Gap Quickly

Microlearning focuses on one key task at a time. This lets employees fill their performance gaps more quickly, since that they are able to target specific areas of improvement without having to sit through lengthy online training sessions.

5. Motivates Employees

When employees are able to complete a short, online training module to get the information they quickly need, this increases their motivation and may even prompt them to seek out additional microlearning activities to help them further improve their skills. It can even motivate them to share their experience with their colleagues.

6. Increases Productivity & Learning Outcomes

Microlearning is designed to meet a narrow but specific outcome. This has a positive impact on learning and application. They can be used very effectively to bring about behavioral change.

7. Millennials Love It

By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. The average attention span of the Millennial generation? 90 seconds. Millennials have grown up with devices, they are comfortable with them, and they demand that they deliver in lightning speed.

8. There’s Less Time Commitment

With microlearning, there is far less of a time commitment, as employees can view a 3-5 minute lesson without truly interrupting their busy schedules, which overall, is far less disruptive and much easier to fit into an employee’s routine.

NHGO NOW: Microlearning at Its Best

Several months ago, New Horizons introduced the most up-to-date and engaging video learning library available today: NHGO NOW, a video subscription service that includes thousands of short segment, task-focused lessons, delivered by certified subject matter experts, to guide users around the issues that plague their workday. This massive library of on-demand microlearning spans the entire Microsoft Office suite, as well as products from a variety of other vendors, including Adobe, Oracle, and Google.

Get a Glimpse of NHGO NOW

NHGO NOW is delivered by certified instructors and industry experts to get you the information you need in as little time as possible. Utilizing our incredible staff of industry experts means that every minute of NHGO NOW video is delivered by a pro that never leaves your screen.

The video below is an example of the lessons available in NHGOW NOW. This one covers Outlook 2016 and is titled “Searching for Messages."


Closing Thoughts

According to a recent report conducted by eLearning Industry, today, 77% of U.S. companies offer online corporate training to improve the professional development of their employees. Corporate training and development has been in a steady cycle of change for the past two decades. Regardless of the learning modality, today’s workforce demands flexibility when it comes to their training schedule.

Employees have less and less time to engage in meaningful learning and professional development at work. Microlearning can be the ideal solution for an era of workers who demand convenience and timeliness in everything they do.

Of course, the need for formal training sessions will always be there, but they are no longer the only training option. With Microlearning, employees have the power to decide the most convenient time for refining their knowledge, in any area, without letting it get in the way of productivity.

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