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Training Methods from New Horizons

New Horizons Training Methods and Options

Depending on the type of learning model that works best for you, we have the solution. When signing up for professional development and IT training at New Horizons, you can choose from a range of learning modalities providing you with the most flexibility:

  • Traditional Instructor-Led (ILT) - A traditional classroom setting where certified-instructors set the stage for success by using engaging demonstrations and a hands-on lab approach, which allows students to learn while doing. The courseware is authorized by leading vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and IBM.
  • Online LIVE (OLL) - Online LIVE training courses offer the same high-quality and interactive instructor-led sessions as the classroom, but are broadcast online instead. These sessions can be archived for future reference as well. This option eliminates travel expenses in addition to reducing employee time away from work.
  • Custom Training - New Horizons builds your training from the ground up. We’ll work with your business to identify and understand your training objectives and goals. From there, we’ll select the specific skills, strategies, and the appropriate delivery style to accomplish those objectives.
  • On-Demand Technical Training - In order to provide our students with all the benefits of an engaging instructor-led classroom experience, without the additional cost and inconvenience of travel, we offer on-demand courses for Microsoft, Cisco, and VMware.
  • On-Site & Private Group Training (PGT) - On-site courses bring our instructors to your office. This is ideal for large group training focused on a single topic. The private classes may also include labs and are planned around your schedule.
  • Online ANYTIME (OLA) - Online ANYTIME is an interactive online environment without the instructor. It is up to the student to drive the pace and direction of these courses based on his or her interest and skills gap. Other benefits include flexible scheduling that requires no travel.
  • NHGO NOW - With thousands of short segment video lessons at your disposal, NHGO NOW is the most up-to-date and engaging on-demand video learning library available today. Get the specific information you need precisely when you need it with a robust catalog of productivity tools and tips covering Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Windows 10, Azure, Google Apps, and more.
  • Power Hour - Power Hour are live, instructor led, 60-minute sessions, all of which center around Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Windows, that cover super specific tasks, such as perfecting a mail merge through Outlook, learning to utilize business intelligence tools in SharePoint, or how to build a pivot table in Excel.

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