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Registration Approval Process

Starting September 1, 2016, New Horizons registrations will no longer reside in the EBS Registration system. To utilize your EdAssist balance, if available, you must follow the process within the Educational Assistance system for non-credit courses. Otherwise, utilize a department charge by selecting the credit card option for the payment method when registering for your class on the New Horizons portal. Please use the portal, to view and enroll in the New Horizons offerings.

To read more on the Educational Assistance Policy & Procedure, visit To Apply for Educational Assistance Funds:

  1. Log in to EBS and select My Career & Training.
  2. Click Educational Assistance System.
  3. In the Educational Assistance System, select Apply and then Non Credit course. Follow the steps below to check your EdAssist Balance prior to registering for classes.
  4. Complete the online application 30 days prior to the first day of class. This application will route to MSU HR after the electronic supervisor approval. The course description must be in a PDF file format.
    After the app has been submitted it will route to your supervisor for approval. The supervisor will receive an email at their MSU email address from MSU Forms Tracking, the subject line will read “MSU HR Educational Assistance Notification – Please Review.” The supervisor will click on the link provided in the email to approve it. They will need to click on ‘approve’ and then on ‘confirm,’ both steps must be followed for the app to be successfully approved. Upon supervisor approval, the app will route to HR for final approval and if approved by HR the end user will receive an email confirmation. The employee is notified within 15 days, after receipt of application in MSU HR, if the request has been approved or denied.
  5. Once you have received an email approval from MSU HR Educational Assistance, visit to enroll in the class and date specified in your EdAssist Application.
  6. Within 15 days of the end of the course, submit proof of successful course completion and proof of payment. If the department has paid for the cost of the course the employee will provide a copy of the actual Pcard statement that would show the charge to the dept. If the employee paid for the course a receipt is still needed. Keep in mind that reimbursement may be delayed or denied, if proper documentation is not submitted within the appropriate timelines.
    To complete this final step, click Search in the Educational Assistance System and select the Course Title. Click +Add to the Upload Transcripts section and Submit.

While New Horizons offers a free retake within 6 months of a class, there is no need to submit another application to take advantage of this offer. Simply call or email New Horizons to register for another date of the same session.

  • If you need to cancel your registration, please cancel the application in the Educational Assistance system and notify New Horizons. Rescheduled courses will need a new application and you will need to reschedule with New Horizons, as well. You can reach out to New Horizons at 616-574-7503 or To cancel your EdAssist App, click Check Status in the Educational Assistance system. Select your course title and then click Cancel Application.
  • For further questions regarding the EdAssist Application, please contact Julie Rorick in Human Resources at 517-884-0177 or at

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