Salesforce Training from New Horizons

Salesforce Training from New Horizons

As the leader in sales automation and CRM software built for the cloud, Salesforce drives business and sales in organizations around the world. However, this powerful platform is not always utilized to its full potential by companies, due in large part to the complexity of the software and its myriad features. To help unlock the full power of the Salesforce platform, New Horizons provides high-quality Salesforce training to salespeople, marketers and customer service personnel; as well as business analysts, system administrators, developers and consultants.

With the help of New Horizons, the Salesforce platform has the potential to open entirely new worlds for your business and help you receive a more complete picture of your customers—and how you serve them—than you thought possible. From Salesforce administrator training to CRM training, this software has the capability to transform your business, and training from New Horizons can be the catalyst.

Hidden Complexity

Salesforce.com has a friendly interface, which often hides the software’s complexity. There are almost as many exceptions as there are rules, and the nuances can be difficult to pick up on without guidance. This often leads to businesses using Salesforce, but not knowing how to get the greatest benefit from all of its various elements and features.

Additionally, many Salesforce users never had the proper training from the start. Either the company self-implemented, or the worker was hired after the system was launched. Getting all your employees using the system correctly to track all customer contact, potential opportunities and customer feedback is absolutely essential for your success with Salesforce. Without that, managers can’t trust the data they see in reports, and staff can’t keep track of all the important information about who your customers are and who they need to be contacting when. New Horizons provides complete Salesforce.com training that can help you and your employees navigate this interface even easier, resulting in greater ease of use and better results overall.

Enhance Your Understanding

When you turn to New Horizons for Salesforce training courses, you receive a foundation of solid PC skills that serve as the basis for a greater understanding of how Salesforce can enhance your business. Among the courses available to you for the Salesforce platform include classes focusing on cloud training for sales managers, building apps and dashboards in Salesforce Wave Analytics, cloud administration and predictive intelligence. These courses are offered as online training sessions to help fit your busy schedule and give you more flexibility to learn at your convenience.

Through these and other Salesforce CRM training courses, you and your team will become fully versed in the totality of what Salesforce can do for your business. With Salesforce online training through New Horizons, you will understand the full functionality of the platform and how it can change the way your business interacts with customers. Salesforce training from New Horizons can be the deciding factor between simply using Salesforce and really getting the most out of it to drive greater success for your business.

Get your whole team of Salesforce users—including sales and support reps, marketing managers and executives—up to speed quickly and unlock the true potential of the Salesforce platform for your business. Whether you're new or an experienced administrator, get the core knowledge you need to get up to speed, perform at your best and get the most out of Salesforce. Contact New Horizons today!

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