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The Importance of Information Security Training

As more and more confidential information is stored and processed electronically and transmitted across company networks, as well as the Internet, the risk of unauthorized access increases. Naturally, the steady occurrence of data breaches and attacks on sensitive and confidential information is making data protection a critical component of an organization's leadership and governance strategy. As a result, IT departments endure the growing challenge of applying the best possible practices which will protect and secure company information.

New Horizons offers a variety of top information security training from leading IT Security vendors. At New Horizons, our information security offerings are designed to ensure that your organization can be the "Secure Organization"—enabling you to target specific training for your business based on information security threats and organizational job roles.

Benefits of Security Training from New Horizons

As more and more confidential information is stored and processed electronically, the risk of unauthorized access is on the rise. Data breaches and attacks make protection critical. At New Horizons, we are on the leading edge of cybersecurity with training programs designed to ensure that your organization can best prevent itself against attacks and, should one occur, significantly reduce your risk and increase your response time.

We offer information security courses and certifications from leaders in the cybersecurity space such as CompTIA, (ISC)², and EC-Council. These organizations are committed to setting strict security standards that any organization can implement. Earning certifications from these vendor-neutral organizations is an ideal way to prove your security professionals have the skills, knowledge, and commitment to protect your company’s most valuable data assets.

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