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MD-100T03 Protecting Windows 10

Course Overview

In this course, students will learn how to secure the Windows 10 OS and protect the data on the device. Students will be introduced to common methods used for authentication and access control. This course will teach students how to configure file and folder permissions and creating security policies. Students will also be introduced to the different types of external threats and how to leverage features like encryption and firewalls, as well as tools like Windows Defender.

Who Should Attend

Candidates for this exam are IT professionals who perform installation, configuration, general local management and maintenance of Windows 10 core services. Candidates may also be familiar with enterprise scenarios and cloud-integrated services.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, learners should be able to:

  • Describe the methods for securing Windows 10.
  • Configure account access and authentication.
  • Configure file and folder permissions.
  • Create security policies.
  • Describe common threats and methods for mitigating against them.

    Course Outline


    • Using Security Settings to Mitigate Threats
    • Configuring User Account Control
    • Implementing Device Registration
    • Authentication


    • Overview of File Systems
    • Configuring and Managing File Access
    • Configuring and Managing Shared Folders
    • Managing Security with Policies
    • Lab : Configuring and Managing Permissions and Shares


    • Configuring Tenant Roles
    • Managing Tenant Health and Services
    • Lab : Practice Lab: Managing Network Security

    4 - HANDS-ON LAB

    • Final Exam
    • Lab : Graded Lab

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