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Android Studio Development Essentials

Course Overview

This course will teach the basics of Android Development using the Java Programming Language and Android Studio.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for individuals who want to learn how to program Android applications using the Java Programming Language.

Course Outline

1 - Introduction and Setup

  • Android Studio Development Essentials Introduction
  • Setting up an Android Studio Development Environment
  • Creating an Example Android App in Android Studio
  • A Tour of the Android Studio User Interface
  • Creating an Android Virtual Device (AVD) in Android Studio
  • Testing Android Studio Apps on a Physical Android Device
  • The Basics of the Android Studio Code Editor

2 - Android Architecture and State Changes

  • An Overview of the Android Architecture and State Changes
  • The Anatomy of an Android Studio Android Application
  • Understanding Android Application and Activity Lifecycles
  • Handling Android Activity State Changes in Android Studio
  • Android Activity State Changes - An Android Studio Example
  • Saving and Restoring Activity State in Android Studio

3 - Views and Layouts

  • Understanding Android Views, View Groups and Layouts in Android Studio
  • A Guide to the Android Studio Designer Tool
  • Designing a User Interface using the Android Studio Designer Tool
  • Creating an Android User Interface in Java Code using Android Studio
  • Using the Android GridLayout Manager in Android Studio Designer
  • Working with the Android GridLayout using XML Layout Resources

4 - Event Handling

  • An Overview and Android Studio Example of Android Event Handling
  • Android Touch and Multi-touch Event Handling in Android Studio
  • Detecting Common Gestures using Android Studio and the Gesture Detector Class
  • Implementing Android Custom Gesture Recognition with Android Studio

5 - Advanced Layout and Transitions

  • An Introduction to Using Fragments in Android Studio
  • Using Fragments in Android Studio - An Example
  • An Android Studio Master/Detail Flow Tutorial
  • Creating and Managing Overflow Menus in Android Studio
  • Animating User Interfaces in Android Studio using the Transitions Framework
  • An Android Studio Transition Tutorial using begin Delayed Transition
  • Implementing Android Scene Transitions – An Android Studio Tutorial

6 - Intents, Threads, and Services

  • An Overview of Intents in Android Studio
  • Android Explicit Intents – An Android Studio Example
  • Android Implicit Intents – An Android Studio Example
  • Broadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers in Android Studio
  • Android Threads and Thread Handlers - An Android Studio Tutorial
  • Understanding Android Started and Bound Services
  • Implementing an Android Started Service in Android Studio
  • Implementing Local Bound Services in Android Studio
  • Android Remote Bound Services – An Android Studio Tutorial

7 - Data Access and Storage

  • An Overview of Android SQLite Databases in Android Studio
  • An Android Studio TableLayout and TableRow Tutorial
  • An Android Studio SQLite Database Tutorial
  • Understanding Android Content Providers in Android Studio
  • An Android Studio Content Provider Example
  • Accessing Cloud Storage using the Storage Access Framework in Android Studio
  • An Android Studio Storage Access Framework Example

8 - Multimedia, Maps and Printing

  • An Android Studio VideoView and MediaController Tutorial
  • Video Recording and Image Capture using Camera Intents
  • An Android Studio Recording and Playback Example
  • Working with the Google Maps Android API in Android Studio
  • Printing with the Android Printing Framework in Android Studio
  • An Android Studio HTML and Web Content Printing Example
  • An Android Studio Custom Document Printing Example

9 - Final Build

  • Handling Different Android Devices and Displays
  • Generating a Signed Release APK File in Android Studio
  • An Android Studio Google Play In-app Billing Tutorial
  • An Overview of Gradle in Android Studio
  • An Android Studio Gradle Build Variants Example

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