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6294 Planning and Managing Windows 7 Desktop Deployments and Environments

Course Overview

In this course, students will learn how to plan and deploy Windows 7 desktops in large organizations. They will also learn how to design, configure, and manage the Windows 7 client environment.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for IT Professionals who are interested in specializing in Windows 7 desktop and application deployments and managing the desktop environments for large organizations. People attending this training could be support technicians or currently in deployment roles and are looking at taking the next step in their career or enhancing their skills in the areas of planning and deploying Windows 7 desktops.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare to deploy Windows 7 business desktops.
  • Assess and resolve application compatibility issues with Windows 7.
  • Determine the most appropriate method to deploy Windows 7 based upon specific business requirements.
  • Design a standard Windows 7 image by assessing and evaluating the business requirements.
  • Deploy Windows 7 by using WAIK.
  • Deploy Windows 7 by using WDS.
  • Deploy Windows 7 by using Lite Touch Installation.
  • Deploy Windows 7 by using Zero Touch Installation.
  • Migrate user state by using Windows Easy Transfer and User State Migration Tool 4.0.
  • Design, configure, and manage the Windows 7 client environment.
  • Plan and deploy applications and updates to Windows 7 client computers.
  • Plan and deploy Windows 7 by using LTI. (Lab-Only Module)

    Next Steps and Related Courses

    Course Outline

    1 - Preparing to Deploy Windows 7 Business Desktops

    • Overview of the Desktop Lifecycle
    • Desktop Deployment: Challenges and Considerations
    • Tools and Technologies Used in the Desktop Deployment Lifecycle
    • Assessing the Current Computing Environment for Deploying Windows 7
    • Designing Licensing and Activation

    2 - Assessing Application Compatibility in Windows 7

    • Overview of Application Compatibility
    • Assessing and Resolving Application Compatibility Issues by Using ACT 5.5

    3 - Evaluating Windows 7 Deployment Methods

    • Evaluating In-Place Deployment
    • Evaluating Side-by-Side Deployment
    • Evaluating Lite-Touch Deployment Method
    • Evaluating Zero-Touch Deployment Method

    4 - Designing Standard Windows 7 Images

    • Overview of Windows 7 Installation Architecture
    • Overview of the Imaging Process
    • Determining the Image Strategy
    • Selecting the Image Servicing Methods

    5 - Deploying Windows 7 by Using WAIK

    • Overview of WAIK 2.0
    • Building a Reference Windows 7 Image by Using Windows SIM and Sysprep
    • Managing the Windows Preinstallation Environment
    • Capturing, Applying, and Servicing a Windows 7 Image

    6 - Deploying Windows 7 by Using Windows Deployment Services

    • Overview of WDS
    • Designing and Configuring WDS for Windows 7 Deployment

    7 - Deploying Windows 7 by Using Lite Touch Installation

    • Designing the Lite Touch Installation Environment
    • Implementing MDT 2010 for Deploying Windows 7

    8 - Deploying Windows 7 by Using Zero Touch Installation

    • Designing the Zero Touch Installation Environment
    • Performing Zero-touch Installation of Windows 7 by using MDT 2010 and Configuration Manager 2007

    9 - Migrating User State by Using WET and USMT 4.0

    • Overview of User State Migration
    • Overview of USMT 4.0
    • Planning User State Migration (USMT 4.0)
    • Migrating User State by Using USMT 4.0

    10 - Designing, Configuring, and Managing the Client Environment

    • Overview of Planning Client Configuration
    • Designing and Configuring Standard System Settings
    • Designing and Configuring Internet Explorer Settings
    • Designing and Configuring Security Settings
    • Designing and Implementing Group Policy
    • Troubleshooting Group Policy

    11 - Planning and Deploying Applications and Updates to Windows 7 Clients

    • Determining the Application Deployment Method
    • Deploying Office 2007
    • Planning and Configuring Desktop Updates by Using WSUS

    12 - Planning and Deploying Windows 7 by Using LTI

    • Planning the MDT Lite Touch Environment

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