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Big data is everywhere. With trillions of gigabytes of structured and unstructured data, and that volume doubling every couple of years, the need for this data to be stored, managed, processed, and analyzed effectively so that sound business decisions can be made has never been greater. Cloudera is the leader in Big Data open-source software, building its portfolio upon Apache Hadoop and other popular open-source projects such as Hive and Pig, Spark, and HBase. Quality training of your Hadoop staff, from developers to administrators, is critical to stay in stride with the technological challenges of the new big data world.

Apache Hadoop is the most widely used open-source software for optimizing data management by putting the right Big Data workloads in the right systems. Comprehensive training on Hadoop, whether you are a developer, administrator, or data analyst, ensures that your organization can reap the benefits of a Big Data implementation.

New Horizons offers a variety courses on Hadoop and other popular courses that will take your Cloudera knowledge and experience to the next level.

Reap the Benefits of Cloudera Certification

Cloudera Certification is the world’s most recognized and sought-after Hadoop qualification. Begin building your data management strategy with Hadoop so you become a Cloudera expert today and better evolve in an open source world.

Get started today by reviewing the Cloudera Certification levels and requirements below:

Description: A CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer has proven his or her core developer skills to write and maintain Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop projects.

  • CCA - Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175)

Recommended Training:

Description: Individuals who earn CCAH have demonstrated the core systems administrator skills sought by companies and organizations deploying Apache Hadoop.


  • Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCA-500)

Recommended Training:

Description: CCP Data Engineers possesses the skills to develop reliable, autonomous, scalable data pipelines that result in optimized data sets for a variety of workloads.


  • CCP Data Engineer Exam (DE575)

Recommended Training:

Description: CCP Data Scientists have demonstrated the skills of an elite group of specialists working with big data. Candidates must prove their abilities under real-world conditions, designing and developing a production-ready data science solution that is peer-evaluated for its accuracy, scalability, and robustness.


  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Big Data (DS700)
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques on Big Data (DS701)
  • Machine Learning at Scale (DS702)

Recommended Training:

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