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Case Studies

Read case studies of past companies and organizations who've benefited from the training they received at New Horizons. The data presented comes from TechValidate, whose data is sourced from direct research with verified customers of New Horizons.

Stone Brew Co.

New Horizons Case Study: Stone Brew Co.

Excel classes helped improve skills

New Horizons offers high quality Excel classes. All of my online teachers were very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject.

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U.S. Department of the Air Force

New Horizons Case Study: U.S. Department of the Airforce

New Horizons courses helped complete job duties more quickly

With New Horizons, I have been able to perform my duties more quickly as opposed to figuring out how to perform the necessary functions on my own.

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National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

New Horizons Case Study: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Improved productivity in working with Microsoft Windows Server 2012

New Horizons has provided me with valuable additional knowledge for working with MS Windows Server 2012R2.

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New Horizons Case Study: Datavail

Job Performance Improved By More Than 75%

New Horizons not only improved my Excel skills and gave me the ability to analyze database outputs, it also improved my overall computer skills across every Microsoft program.

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Wells Fargo & Company

New Horizons Case Study: Wells Fargo

Improved Personal and Professional Growth
Extremely Like to Enroll Again

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State and Local Government

New Horizons Case Study: State & Local Government

New Horizons course content helped improve skills

The content through New Horizons’ courses is specific and clear.

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Oakwood Hospital Taylor

New Horizons Case Study: Oakwood Hospital Taylor

Returned to New Horizons because of high quality instruction

High-quality teaching and presentation of the material was excellent.

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Federal Government

New Horizons Case Study: Federal Government

Selected New Horizons because of convenience and location of offices

New Horizons was informative and we found the instructor to be very knowledgeable.

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Magna Services

New Horizons Case Study: Magna Services

Job Performance Improved 50%-74%

Taking training at New Horizons helped me to reduce the amount of time it takes to analyze the information that is needed.

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Sony - ITIL

New Horizons Case Study: Sony ITIL

Career Advancement/Salary Increase

The instructor reinforced the items needed to pass the certification.

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